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How to wear geometric patterns

You know what they say: fashion favors the bold, and geometric patterns are the best way to ensure your spring is shaping up to be a fun one! But just what does one mean by “geometric patterns?” It is an admittedly broad term, but we’re thinking big, recognizable shapes, angular or round, that conjure thoughts of cubism and geometric abstraction paintings. Just like any art movement, there’s a myriad of different takes on geometric patterns in the fashion world. Whether the interpretation is a tasteful, monochromatic chevron print or a busy hodgepodge of colors and angles, these patterns can be made to suit anyone. So, this spring, don’t restrict yourself to floral prints! Mix it up with these awesome geometric styles, and you’ll be looking sharp in no time!

How to transition maxi dresses from winter to spring

Look out! Spring is here! While it may be tempting to stock up on those adorable short skirts and linen tank tops in your closet, there is one clothing staple that is perfect for the transition from winter to spring. The maxi dress.

Maxi dresses have been so popular the past few years- and for good reason! A quality maxi dress can last you for several years. These popular finds can be worn in a variety of different ways during each and every season

Spring Bags You Should Have in Your closet

Every woman deserves a great collection of bags in their closet. Looking forward to days of sunshine and warmer weather? A collection of adorable seasonal bags is the perfect way to go bold this season. No matter if you are on-the-go or on call at the office, a purse is the perfect accessory for your outfit.

New Year, New Wardrobe: On-Trend Pieces That Will Transform Your Closet

The coming of the new year always brings a desire to transform the self.  Whether you are on a new path in starting a new health regimen, a new career path, a new mindset, or any other transformation, you should do it in style. 

In this post, we are going to share with you some of our fashion mantras for the year, all centered around the most gorgeous, trendiest staples that will take you into 2020 with a closet that feels all brand new.

Guide to casual cold weather outfits

'Tis the season of friendly gatherings, crackling fireplaces, and excessive greeting cards. The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means lots of events to attend. But what will you wear when you’re not mingling at a family function or office party? Try out these casual cold-weather outfits to maintain your style for the rest of the holiday season.

5 ways to take an office look out after 5pm

5 ways to take an office look out after 5pm

Some of the most valuable pieces in today’s modern wardrobe are versatile pieces that can be worn all day and night, no matter what the plans are. It is important to be sure that your closet is stocked with the trendiest items that will make you feel like work is play.

5 of the moment sandal trends YOU need to get in on

5 of the moment sandal trends YOU need to get in on

When it came to setting the sandal trends for summer 2019, designers sent shoes down the runway that were anything but basic. From highly embellished heels and eye-catching animal prints to thoroughly modern minimalism, there’s something for every style in this year’s assortment of sandals.

Our Sun & Fun Vacation Packing Guide

There’s something about summer that makes us incredibly eager to schedule a trip (or two!). Maybe it’s memories of childhood family vacations, maybe it’s all the long holiday weekends, or maybe it’s just the warm and sunny weather. Whatever the reason, we’re currently finalizing our summer vacay plans—and the wardrobes to go with them! See what we’re planning to pack for six quintessential summertime getaways.

6 essential items for a spring capsule wardrobe

6 essential items for a spring capsule wardrobe

Do you ever find yourself staring into your closet, simultaneously overwhelmed by your options and certain that you have nothing to wear? A more expertly curated collection of clothing might be the answer to any wardrobe woes you experience when choosing your outfit each day—enter the capsule!

3 Fall Prints To Try In Your Wardrobe

As fall gets into full swing, why not try some new seasonal looks in your closet? Some new patterns and styles are hitting the runways and creeping their way to fashion starlets around the world – making them perfect additions to your wardrobe. Check out these must-have prints of autumn, which are sure to inspire you to dress their very best.

8 Autumn essentials you need in your closet

The days are shrinking. The nights are growing cooler. You know that this can only mean one thing: fall is almost here. Time to update the closet and get ready for fall.