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5 ways to take an office look out after 5pm

Some of the most valuable pieces in today’s modern wardrobe are versatile pieces that can be worn all day and night, no matter what the plans are. It is important to be sure that your closet is stocked with the trendiest items that will make you feel like work is play.

Put-Together Blazers

There is nothing like a classic blazer to make any outfit you wear look professional, put together, and chic.  Certainly, at the office, a blazer shows that you mean business. It can be worn with a pair of dress pants, a skirt, or a fun dress.  When it is time to head out after work, you can easily swap out those dressy items for a cute t-shirt and jeans.  Not only will you be comfortable and warm all evening, but you can make a unique statement that will showcase how thoughtful, hardworking, and stylish you are.

Trendy Midi and Maxi Skirts

The midi and maxi skirt trend is back and taking over the fashion world (did it ever leave?).  It’s appropriate for work length, bold shape, and flexibility with many different top choices make it a perfect statement to put in your closet.  You can pair one of these skirts with a pretty oversized sweater, a pretty silk t-shirt, or any other classic work blouse for a casual Friday.  Wearing a pair of trendy loafers or instead replacing work heels for a pair of cool chunky sneakers and any casual top of choice can be cute at the trendiest places in your city.

Quirky Patterned Pants

Colored and patterned pants are such great pieces to have in your repertoire because they have the ability to showcase your style, whether you are on the preppie or edgier side.  At work, patterned pants can be paired with just about any pretty blouse, button down, sweater, or blazer. This look would be great for a big presentation or meeting where your customer wants all eyes on her.  After work, you can bring out your inner punk rocker by wearing any graphic or vintage tee, a fun belt, and some boots.

Comfy Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have taken off in popularity these past few seasons–this is reason enough to include them in your inventory. They are so popular because of their unique ability to provide a comfortable, fashion-forward look.  At work, they can be paired with a favorite cardigan or a blazer.  After work, that same jumpsuit can be worn with a pair of fun heels or booties out to dinner and dancing, a hot date at a bar, or any other fun evening plans.  Not to mention, even if you want to wear something else during the day, a jumpsuit is such an easy item to throw in your bag and slip on after work.

Preppy Layers

Take a tip out of some of your favorite prep school looks and use their layering techniques to make your outfit look as versatile as possible.  Layering a sweater over a tight button-down blouse will make you look smart and sharp.  Layering a tight long sleeve over a short sleeve dressor blouse can also be a very cool look.  After work, you can remove one of the layers for more of a laid-back look that you can take to any after-work party.


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