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3 Fall Prints To Try In Your Wardrobe

As fall gets into full swing, why not try some new seasonal looks in your closet? Some new patterns and styles are hitting the runways and creeping their way to fashion starlets around the world – making them perfect additions to your wardrobe. Check out these must-have prints of autumn, which are sure to inspire you to dress their very best.


Animal prints are back in a big way. From the occasional zebra stripes to hardcore tiger and leopard styles these patterns were all over the runway this season. Animals prints can be paired in a high-end look or kept casual – anything goes. These prints, as bold as they are, are the ideal neutral that can suit virtually anyone’s style and taste. From coats to pantsuits and miniskirts, animal prints look the part and give that perfect put together look. You definitely need a solid stock of these prints on hand to flush out your wardrobe and update you look this fall season.

These animal prints are being offered in everything from snakeskin to tiger or zebra stripes and leopard spots. Animal prints can be mixed with bold pops of color and chunky or sleek heels.


You might not see this style coming (no pun intended) as camouflage is ready to make its way into your closets this fall. Camouflage is the perfect statement piece that can be worn on a night out on the town or as a casual street piece that fits your personality. This style has been seen on the runway in an array of looks from sweaters to motorcycle jackets and even athletic wear. Because this print is being amped up with neon, foil finishes, and personalized details, you will see this trend in styles coming from a mile away, despite its ability to blend with a variety of other pieces. Pair this look with puffer coats, loose silhouettes, hoodies, and even other pieces you may currently have in your closet.

Camouflage is not a print to shy away from as this funky and classic look will help you boost your fall wardrobe with pieces that have maximum impact while looking cool and updated. Personalize these prints with custom accessories that build on the chic and fun look that camouflage offers.


You are going to love the checked prints that are coming for fall. These aren’t your grandmother’s tablecloth prints as these new checked prints offer a look all their own. Featured boldly on jackets, pants, and scarves, checked prints can be mixed and matched in a variety of colors. From oversized pieces to slim silhouettes, checked prints offer you a new look that is not only fun to play with but will make an autumn statement that everyone will want to copy. With checked patterns this season, you’ll see plenty of reds, yellows, oranges, black and whites, and mixed patterns.

This is a must-have print for the season. Match checked prints will a cool street style or make it more sophisticated with a slim fit that will work well in the office. Checked prints will also take a turn with variations of patterns that will give you plenty of options and reasons to buy more than one piece to add to your fall wardrobe.

Do you have any prints that we missed in our list? Let us know in the comments below!


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